Gitlab EE 授权获取工具 - hello world!

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Ruby Version ≥2.5


## 确认 ruby 版本最低为 2.5,否则需要升级
apt-add-repository ppa:brightbox/ruby-ng
apt update
apt install ruby2.5 ruby2.5-dev
## 安装 gitlab ruby 环境依赖
gem install gitlab
gem install gitlab-license
gem install openssl

创建 license.rb 文件,将下面代码填入保存

require 'openssl'
require 'gitlab/license'
# Generate a key pair. You should do this only once.
key_pair = OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.generate(2048)
# Write it to a file to use in the license generation application."license_key", "w") { |f| f.write(key_pair.to_pem) }
# Extract the public key.
public_key = key_pair.public_key
# Write it to a file to ship along with the main application."", "w") { |f| f.write(public_key.to_pem) }
# In the license generation application, load the private key from a file.
private_key ="license_key")
Gitlab::License.encryption_key = private_key
# Build a new license.
license =
# License information to be rendered as a table in the admin panel.
# E.g.: "This instance of GitLab Enterprise Edition is licensed to:"
# Specific keys don't matter, but there needs to be at least one.

# 这里的用户信息大家可以自行填写
license.licensee = {
  "Name"    => "admin",
  "Company" => "admin",
  "Email"   => ""
# The date the license starts.
# Required.
license.starts_at         =, 4, 25) # license 开始生效时间
# The date the license expires.
# Not required, to allow lifetime licenses.
license.expires_at        =, 4, 25) # license 到期时间
# The below dates are hardcoded in the license so that you can play with the
# period after which there are "repercussions" to license expiration.
# The date admins will be notified about the license's pending expiration.
# Not required.
license.notify_admins_at  =, 4, 25) # license 管理员过期提醒时间
# The date regular users will be notified about the license's pending expiration.
# Not required.
license.notify_users_at   =, 4, 25) # license 普通用户过期提醒时间
# The date "changes" like code pushes, issue or merge request creation
# or modification and project creation will be blocked.
# Not required.
license.block_changes_at  =, 5, 7)
# Restrictions bundled with this license.
# Not required, to allow unlimited-user licenses for things like educational organizations.
license.restrictions  = {
  # The maximum allowed number of active users.
  # Not required.
  active_user_count: 10000  # license 人数配额
  # We don't currently have any other restrictions, but we might in the future.
puts "License:"
puts license
# Export the license, which encrypts and encodes it.
data = license.export
puts "Exported license:"
puts data
# Write the license to a file to send to a customer."GitLabBV.gitlab-license", "w") { |f| f.write(data) }
# In the customer's application, load the public key from a file.
public_key ="")
Gitlab::License.encryption_key = public_key
# Read the license from a file.
data ="GitLabBV.gitlab-license")  # 生成license存储文件名
# Import the license, which decodes and decrypts it.
$license = Gitlab::License.import(data)
puts "Imported license:"
puts $license
# Quit if the license is invalid
unless $license
  raise "The license is invalid."
# Quit if the active user count exceeds the allowed amount:
if $license.restricted?(:active_user_count)
  active_user_count = 1000
  if active_user_count > $license.restrictions[:active_user_count]
    raise "The active user count exceeds the allowed amount!"
# Show admins a message if the license is about to expire.
if $license.notify_admins?
  puts "The license is due to expire on #{$license.expires_at}."
# Show users a message if the license is about to expire.
if $license.notify_users?
  puts "The license is due to expire on #{$license.expires_at}."
# Block pushes when the license expired two weeks ago.
module Gitlab
  class GitAccess
    # ...
    def check(cmd, changes = nil)
      if $license.block_changes?
        return build_status_object(false, "License expired")
      # Do other Git access verification
      # ...
    # ...
# Show information about the license in the admin panel.
puts "This instance of GitLab Enterprise Edition is licensed to:"
$license.licensee.each do |key, value|
  puts "#{key}: #{value}"
if $license.expired?
  puts "The license expired on #{$license.expires_at}"
elsif $license.will_expire?
  puts "The license will expire on #{$license.expires_at}"
  puts "The license will never expire."

执行 license.rb 文件

ruby license.rb


GitLabBV.gitlab-license 为 GitLab License 文件 为自签名的公钥
licens_key 为自签名的私钥

现在将生成的公钥文件 替换Gitlab服务器以下位置 /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/ (替换文件名别弄错了)

删除数据库中原有的 license 记录 //这一步必做

psql -h /var/opt/gitlab/postgresql -d gitlabhq_production
delete from licenses where id = 1;   # 如果有多条记录就都删掉


gitlab-ctl restart

最后添加 License 授权

将生成的 GitLabBV.gitlab-license 导入 GitLab 即可


如果你觉得默认的 EE 等级不能满足你那么请按照下方修改 GitLab 等级

nano /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/ee/app/models/license.rb

restricted_attr(:plan).presence || ULTIMATE_PLAN   #修改
gitlab-ctl restart      # 重启 GitLab


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